What to include in your Company Profile

Article by Koot van der Walt
If you don’t have a killer company profile that catches attention and leaves potential customers wanting to find out more about your business, they will become your competitor’s potential customer and no one wants that.

A company profile is a rapid look into a business, letting a diverse group of people to get an overall idea of what a business does, its target market, its strengths, and whether it is a good entity to do business with. Nevertheless, a company profile should go beyond stating facts about a company. 

Good-written company profiles skillfully convey the major values that leads the organization onto a better path. Good company profiles must also demonstrate how effective a company is at meeting its consumers’ necessities.


What to include in your company profile

A company profile is more colorful and gives information about a business; they should contain basic information about a company. This includes the year when the company was established, where it is headquartered, the products and services it offers, the target market, strengths, and principles it is devoted to.
Services that the company offers, contact information should be included in the profile in order to help with communication and response from customers.


The about us section

The aim of the “About Us” section is to provide information about what your business offers, it should include the basics such as the company’s target market, how long it’s been in place, and its goals and mission.
Don’t forget to include your address. And if your company has multiple locations or does business internationally, this is the perfect place to mention that information.



A company profile shows your capability to initiate a business and to grow it in a trustworthy way. Furthermore, it can serve as a marketing instrument for promotion as well as for creating the first impression. The main idea behind it is to persuade possible customers to trust a company by giving them applicable information in a stage where they have to appraise what the company offers.
A company profile increases the significance compared to your competitors by confidently persuading the decision of your possible customers to start business with you. The impression a potential customer has about an organisation is strongly influenced by the way a company intends to fulfil a customers’ expectations.


Aims of a company profile

The main aim of having a decent company profile is to approach customers with company’s strength with regards to quality, financial power, and experience in the company’s field of expertise.
The aim of creating a company profile is to infiltrate into the new sectors in the industry that a business operates in. It could be targeted to:
  • New customers to spread out a business 
  • New investors for support


A great company profile has more to offer

A great Company Profile, put together strategically, will serve more than one purpose, it will:
  • Helps refine your organisation’s distinctiveness
  • Builds the image and trustworthiness of a business
  • Summaries an organisation’s purpose, history and culture
  • Presents key information to potential customers and investors, the general public and the media.


Since a company profile is all about an enterprise, greatest attention should be taken to handle it in the best skilled way which means no errors. A good layout, a proper structure and flow of language is a necessity.

Having a professional company profile is something no business can go without. We have the personnel to take what you have and do the necessary editing so you are equipped with the professional documentation you need and your business deserves.

This service alone can change the way you look at business, as potential clients can now view your business any time of day, anywhere in the world. The way you conduct business and interact with clients or potential clients will also happen in a professional personalized manner.


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